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gary honor is an experienced saxophonist, percussionist and dj in the australian music scene.

Meet Gary Honor, a dynamic and accomplished saxophone player who brings the perfect touch of elegance and excitement to parties, weddings, and corporate events. With a passion for music and a captivating stage presence, Gary has been enchanting audiences for over a decade with his soulful melodies and impeccable performances.

Gary’s love affair with the saxophone began at a young age. He honed his skills through years of dedicated practice and formal training, earning a degree in Jazz Studies from Queensland Conservatorium of Music. Equipped with a vast repertoire spanning various genres, from jazz and blues to pop, afro beats and contemporary hits, Gary possesses the versatility to tailor his performances to suit any event and audience.

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Gary’s musical finesse and ability to read the crowd enable him to create an atmosphere that is both engaging and enjoyable. Whether it’s a romantic ballad during a wedding ceremony, smooth jazz tunes for a corporate cocktail hour, or high-energy dance numbers at a lively party, Gary knows how to strike the right chord and make every moment memorable. His remarkable talent and professionalism have garnered him a reputation as a sought-after saxophonist in the events industry. Clients rave about his ability to seamlessly blend into the ambiance of a nevent while adding that extra touch of sophistication and entertainment. Gary’s warm personality and dedication to his craft make him a joy to work with, ensuring a stress-free experience for event organizers and hosts alike.

Beyond his solo performances, Gary has collaborated with renowned musicians and bands, such as Stefflon Don, Icehouse, The Real Thing, James Morrison, Guy Sebastian and Patrizio Buanne enhancing his musical prowess and expanding his creative horizons.

He has also produced two critically acclaimed albums for the 2021 and 2022 Billboard Smooth Jazz label of the year- Trippin ’n’ Rhythm Records. Through his work with the label, Gary has performed Internationally with many notable smooth-jazz stars including Brian Culbertson, Boney James, Chuck Loeb, Paul Brown, Brian Simpson, Darren Rahn, Jackiem Joyner, Lin Rountree, Peter White and Cindy Bradley as well as Grammy winning producer Michael Broening and Billboard No.1 producers Skinny Hightower and UK pianist Oli Silk

Gary’s collaborative spirit allows him to seamlessly integrate with other live ensembles or accompany DJs, adding depth and richness to their sets. In addition to his exceptional saxophone skills, Gary Honor is a multi-talented musician who can also play percussion and DJ, further elevating the energy and versatility of his performances. With a keen sense of rhythm and a knack for reading the room, Gary seamlessly incorporates percussion instruments into his sets, adding an infectious beat that gets everyone on their feet. Whether it’s adding a subtle groove with a tambourine or delivering a pulsating rhythmon the congas, Gary’s percussive talents add depth and excitement to his performances, creating an immersive musical experience that captivates audiences. Moreover, Gary’s skills as a DJ allow him to seamlessly transition between live saxophone performances and curated playlists, providing continuous entertainment throughout an event. He skillfully blends genres, selects the perfect tracks, and creates seamless mixes that keep the partygoing and the dance floor packed. With his intuitive understanding of music and crowd dynamics, Gary knows just how to curate the perfect musical journey that suits the occasion and keeps guests engaged and enthralled. By combining his expertise as a saxophone player, percussionist, and DJ, Gary offers a unique and comprehensive musical experience that transcends expectations.

Whether you choose the soulful melodies of his saxophone, the infectious beats of his percussion, the seamless transitions of his DJ sets, or a combination of these, Gary’s mastery of multiple instruments and genres ensures that your party, wedding, or corporate event will be a resounding success, leaving guests with unforgettable memories.

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